Reflection Collection


Reflection Collection Apparel is an assortment of hoodies, tee-shirts, beanies, headbands and 1" wide wristbands with thought-provoking and self-empowering motivational slogans printed on them, designed backwards so that the slogans can easily be read when viewed in the mirror.
Words are extremely powerful! Sometimes all it takes is to think, see or hear certain words to change your mindset and motivate you to stay focused, push harder and make the most out of your workout.
Most gyms have mirrors everywhere, so being able to see a thought-provoking motivational slogan staring back at you is all it takes sometimes to give you that positive energy, focus, strength and that extra push to power you through your workout.
From a fitness mindset our mission is to help you get mentally connected with your body, amped up with max effort and focused on your workout with a positive, no quitting, I can do this attitude!
(100% Designed & Printed in the United States of America)