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Amazing results!

Love this product! Great results in such a short time! I highly recommend the Brazilian Butt Lifter to firm and tone your glutes

Works great. Pumps the booty

Great tool to isolate the booty

cool item to buy

Love it i used it once or twice but I don't know where I put it will buy it again soon.

I love this product

I love this product. I've bought several of these types of attachments in the past, trying to find the right fit - and this on is perfect. It allows a full range of motion, I don't worry about it slipping off. It really targets glutes just the way I want. Big thanks, I'll look out for more products from you all.

Butt Lifter
Isabelle Evans
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Cutting edge product!!

This is an extremely cheap price to pay for such a well-made product. I LOVE IT! It is extremely comfortable and easy to use and very easy to put on and take off your foot in seconds. The Brazilian Butt Lifter really, really targets and activates your glute muscle immediately with the wide variety of exercises you can perform with it. This is a definite must have for your gym bag for anyone that is serious about their glute development! I highly recommend to all fitness enthusiast. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!!!

Butt Lifter
Guy Roberts
This apparatus gets fast results.

I’ve been using one for awhile now, on a hundred lb pull stretch band. Gave me awesome power in my martial art kicks. Now I want another one to have one for each foot, so I can tied them together with a rope to control how far down I go into the straddle splits, that way I can sit in the side splits for a long time without hurting myself.

Butt Lifter
Alice Woods

Product was as expected. I'm very happy with it.

Butt Lifter
Tariq Khorma
Five Stars

Great ankle strap that enables you to conduct many cable based exercises.
Highly recommended.

Works like a charm

Love it! Way better muscle activation than regular ankle bands without hurting my ankle when trying to go heavier.

Butt Lifter
Great product and better quality.

I began to feel my glutes working immediately, once I started using the Brazilian Butt Lifter. I enjoy glute kickbacks and glute lifts with this awesome strap. In the past I would use a typical ankle cuff but never felt my glutes burn as much as they do now. I'm hooked to the Butt Lifter and don't want to use that old ankle cuff again! I highly recommend doing the glute circles as demonstrated in the videos. This exercise will really get your glutes "plump and pumped" as I like to say. The way this Butt Lifter attaches to the bottom of your foot along with the work out videos is the most effective way to go and what made all the difference for me. This accessory allows me to go heavier than I normally would, I can lift in comfort and pain free. Thank you so much for this great product!

Butt Lifter
Marisol Prieto
Awesome. Awesome

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Ankle cuffs usually dig into my ankle or the other types slip off my foot. This one sits in just the right place. I'm doing a great hard push, I can do light and heavy weights, and no slippage. I can hold movements in place, feel the burn. This is definitely going to be one of my favorite accessories.

Works Perfect. Great targeting. High quality.

Yup, I love it. Started using it same day I got it and am really happy. Glutes are getting targeted. Easy to use. Lots of different ways to use it too, pretty much allows every angle of pushing or pulling. Sturdy, great quality. Thanks Brazilian Booty Camp!

Butt Lifter
Raven Bowman
Awesome product!

First let me say, I was quite impressed with how quickly I received my butt lifter especially since it was not apart of the Prime shipping!
I've been anxious to try it out since ordering it and as soon as I got home I put it to work. This is a great product!! I felt my glutes getting a serious workout right after my first set! The burn was very intense! Who would of thought, just a small piece of equipment and simple moves could create such an intense workout! I'm excited to see how my butt will start shaping after one month of usage and so looking forward to seeing my results moving ahead. I would definitely recommend this this product!!!!

Butt Lifter
Catalina Goodwin
Best price and product on the market for glute exercising!

Shipping was extremely fast! I love how nice and neatly packaged the product came! It says a lot to me when I see the time a company puts into representing their product not to mention that this really kicks some booty when doing glute workouts! I never realized there are so many more effective glute exercises you can do besides glute kickbacks. I highly recommend viewing the video tutorials. These videos really get into detail on what exercises to do and how to do them properly. For the first time I am actually looking forward to my glute workout days. I have recommended this product to all my friends. You really cannot beat this awesome price for this awesome product the Brazilian Butt Lifter!

Butt Lifter
Elissa Hewitt

Awesome product! Great for doing wide variety of glute and leg exercises, I highly recommend this to anyone serious about butt building.

Butt Lifter
Connor Cooper

thank you wife happy

Butt Lifter
Karen tovar
Great purchase!

Extreamly well made and very comfortable to use Awesome product for the price!!

Butt Lifter
Kyla Wright

I love how easy this Brazilian lifter is to put on and take off my foot in seconds! The YouTube tutorials have really brought new meaning to my glute workouts. This is the most I have ever felt my glutes working since using this product. A must have gym accessory if you really want to take your built building to the next lever! My 5 am gym seshs just got better...great job!

Butt Lifter

This product is great for going really heavy on tons of glute exercises. I suggest watching the YouTube Video demonstrations. They really have taught me a lot. I'm already starting to notice a BIG difference in my butt. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Thank you so much.

Butt Lifter
Vera Reilly
Kaylin Boyle

Perfect as in the picture, fast deliver.

Butt Lifter
Stephanie-Marie Ebanks
Part of my Lower Body routine

Product works as designed. Holds foot in place enabling the user to focus on proper form and muscles used.

Awesome company

I am giving this 5 stars strictly on the customer service. I originally purchased this one seen in the photo but it had a lot of trouble staying on my foot. It was described as being able to be used by women or men. I would not suggest this one for a woman who is petite and small foot. It would slip right off. i contacted the seller and they offered me at no cost to to replace it with their newer design Brazilian butt lifter with adjustable foot straps. The new one works a lot better . But I really think they should be designed for your actual foot size . That would ensure a nice fit . That is the only thing I suggest . I would give the it around 4 stars. I just feel that one size can't fit all in this. It really needs to have the different foot sizes or approximate.
So, hopefully the company will think about this my new one is better but not as good as it could be. I still find myself having to adjust it and the foot portion is still large on my foot. However, the customer service was awesome! They work with with you and are very prompt. I beleive they will take my constructive criticism the right way. I want people to use this company. They gave me a new one for free.

I was really motivated to buy the Brazilian Butt Lifter after reading all of the great reviews!

I was really motivated to buy the Brazilian Butt Lifter after reading all of the great reviews!! Now that I actually have the product and have used it for many of the exercises I saw demonstrated on the YouTube demonstration videos I must say THANK YOU to all of the previous buyers for inspiring me to purchase this GREAT BUTT CHANGING ACCESSORY. My butt has never been this sore after only 1 day of using this product!! OMG the glute circles will have your butt BURNING and begging for a BREAK! Thank you soooo much for such a great PRODUCT!! Please post more videos soon guys.

Happy with purchase.

Easy to use. Great value.


This product is AMAZING !!!!!!!! Works so good and doesnt put any discomfort on your ankle. Wish i would of had this years ago.