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GX3 FitCamp is a Private Outdoor Fitness Camp built around 12,000 square feet of Sand and Turfa 2,500 square foot gym and 2,000 square foot fitness studio. We specialize in Glute Development Training using a fusion of Brazilian fitness training tactics systematically formulated around 24 Workouts. Workouts are composed of sequential exercises/ movements (Supersets/ Circuits) synchronized to a variation of time-intervals aka HITT (High Intensity Interval Training). The constant mix of training regiments mean you will never get bored and the pace of your physical transformation will quicken because your body has no idea what fitness challenges are coming next. 
From high-energy group training to private personalized one-on-one sessions, we have workouts for everyone.
We offer 6 types of 4, 8 and 12 week FitCamps, all of which are all extremely effective and challenge the mind and body.
Sessions burn maximum fat, tone muscles, increase energy, strength, muscle growth, improve heart health, combat stress and deliver results. 
Glute Depot is our One-Stop-Shop for cutting-edge glute developing exercise products, accessories and apparel used by Brazilians, renowned for their glute training expertise and obsession with perfect “Bum Bums.”
Glutes are the largest muscles at the center of the body. They are the intersection of all the body’s movements and when strengthened and toned by exercise keep our bodies healthier and less prone to injury and pain.
Fitness experts in Brazil have figured out something that we are just now discovering in the U.S. - Glutes are your body’s foundation and energy source. They provide stability, balance, coordination and power. They play a vital role in weight management and in helping improve everyday activities, fitness and athletic performance. The condition of your glutes impacts everything - breathing and stamina, flexibility, twisting, reaching, bending, sitting, standing, heavy lifting, running, jumping, climbing, accelerating, decelerating and changing directions. This is why we focus on strengthening the glutes. 
Unfortunately, a lot of people… 
  • Don’t know the importance and true benefits of exercising and strengthening their glutes and completely neglect training them at all!
  • Don’t know how to exercise and strengthen their glutes properly.
  • Take the easy way out and buy their glutes with cosmetic butt injections/surgeries or quick fix alternatives.
The risks of having any cosmetic butt injections/ surgeries can be extremely dangerous and expensive! This includes unsatisfactory results, infection, excessive bleeding and the need for sometimes a second and even a third surgery.
The sad reality is that having any of these cosmetic butt injections/ surgeries or using quick fix alternatives such as pills/ creams, butt pads, booty lifters etc. is superficial and counterproductive to being a naturally healthier & stronger person through exercise.
The National Institutes of Health (https://www.nih.gov/) has stated the following: 

"When toned, glutes are engines that burn calories for fuel and have the greatest potential for weight management turning our bodies into fat-burning machines. Strong glutes improve your posture, relieve pressure on the lower back,  stabilize hips, play a major role in keeping the knees healthy making our bodies less prone to injury and pain ensuring maximal muscle efficiency.”​

Participating in GX3 FitCamps will help strengthen your mind, body and help create the glutes and athletic physique you’ve always wanted in 24 Workouts 

Our mission is to always give our GI's (Enlisted Soldiers) and customers respect, top of the line service and provide the best resources and FitCamps to reach their fitness goals. Camp DI's (Drill Instructors) cover more than strength training, muscle growth, fat loss and increased energy, they create a powerful mental experience that is commanding, challenging, effective and fun in ways that spark perseverance from GI's. When GI's are finished with a class, they will feel great and motivated, realizing just how much they can truly accomplish when mentally driven. We absolutely believe that having a “Strong Mind & Fit Body” will take you beyond your highest expectations in all aspects of life. We strive to push ourselves to the limit; mentally and physically, with "A positive, no quitting, I can do this attitude!" GX3 FitCamp is a Unit of like minded DI's and GI's that respects, supports and motivates one another fueled by “TEAM (Together Everyone Attains More) - WORK.”