Etiquette & Safety Rules

Follow these Etiquette & Safety Rules consistently, use common sense and don’t ever ignore or take them lightly. These rules are meant to keep DI’s (Drill Instructors) and GI’s (Enlisted Soldiers) safe and the Camps running smoothly while maintaining an enjoyable fitness training atmosphere. Our FitCamp is a very safe place to train but can equally be a dangerous place, there’s a lot of equipment which can cause injuries when we aren’t cautious of our surroundings, so look where you are going, stay alert and focused at all times.

  1. RESPECT YOURSELF & YOUR FELLOW GI’s: Always carry yourself with respect and be respectful and supportive to your fellow DI’s and GI’s. Check your ego at the door, you’re not there to compete with others or to show off. Don’t strut around like you're the shit and don't try to lift more than you can handle. No spitting, snot blowing, intentional gas passing or any other unacceptable behavior is permitted. Occasionally you'll strain during a lift and accidentally pass gas which is ok but if you think subtle intentional gas passing goes unnoticed, you're wrong so please don’t do it. 
  2. LISTEN & RESPECT YOUR DI’s: Know it all behavior is unacceptable, you should always do as instructed. If you are having trouble or don’t understand something always speak up, we encourage asking question so that you can make the most out of each class. If you think your are more knowledgeable on a subject than the DI’s, please discuss it with them after class. If you are interested in becoming a DI, speak to Santi.

  3. ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DI’s: Let your DI’s know before class if you have an injury or know there are some exercises you can’t or shouldn’t be doing. Our experienced and knowledgeable DI’s will give you modifications and alternative exercises so that you can complete the class. If you don’t think you’ll be able to participate in a particular class, please stay home.

  4. PERSONAL HYGENE: Put hygiene first, shower regularly, wear clean clothes and use deodorant before breaking a sweat. We’re all there to work out, and a normal amount of body oder is to be expected but there’s no excuse for smelling like shit which is extremely unpleasant to train around. Fragrances are not a quick fix alternative to mask your funk! While deodorant is a must have, leave fragrances alone and at home. Heavy use of fragrances can be distracting to fellow GI’s and can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Don’t use greasy lotions before you train because once you begin to sweat, creams can make your skin slippery, making it difficult to properly grip and hold onto a barbell and other exercise equipment, which could put you and fellow GI’s at risk of injury.

  5. USE YOUR TOWEL: Always use your towel as a protective barrier between yourself and the equipment and make sure you wipe it down thoroughly when you are done. One study found that 63% of exercise equipment showed the presence of rhinovirus which causes the common cold. Viruses love nonporous surfaces such as steel weights in particular, so for your own sake and the sake of fellow GI’s please use a towel. If you are using our Towel Service after you finish please throw it in the laundry bin instead of dropping it on the floor.

  6. CLEANLINESS: There is no compromise for cleanliness when sharing equipment, nothing is more irritating than finding dirty fitness equipment. Not only does it take time away from your training time by cleaning it up but it is also very nasty and disrespectful to other GI’s. We all get sweaty when exercising, but it is not a justifiable reason to leave the equipment coated with sweat, no one wants to catch germs or an infectious skin disease. You must always clean up after yourself and wipe down the equipment you use when you are finished.

  7. WHEN SICK: Exercising when you're sick, for example coughing and sneezing during a class leaves behind a trail of nasty bacteria, out of respect to your non-sick fellow GI’s, you should consider training at home. But if you're committed to training with us despite some minor sniffles, take the necessary precautions and always sanitize and wipe down the equipment you use, always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and keep your hands clean by washing them.

  8. CELL PHONE USE: Keep the phone calls to a minimum and if answering an urgent call if possible please exit the training area before answering it. Keep selfies limited to before and after class because it is not safe, it’s distracting and interferes with fellow GI’s workouts.

  9. FILLING UP YOUR WATER BOTTLE: Taking forever to refill your water bottle creates a long line of thirsty GI’s waiting behind you so please be respectful and step aside and let the people who want a quick drink get one so they can get back to working out. To avoid spreading germs, don't touch the faucet of the fountain to your mouth or the mouth of your bottle and don’t spit, gum included into the water fountain.

  10. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDING & GIVE FELLOW GI’s SPACE: Weights can be lifted, swung and circulated from anywhere at any time. If you see a fellow GI about to use or using weights give them plenty of space to the front and sides, this provides safety for you but also helps to not distract them. Always look out for your fellow GI’s and assist them if they need help.

  11. MAKING LOUD NOISE & USING PROFANITY: It’s ok making a little noise while you lift but keep it to a minimum. Continuous chatting, grunting, huffing, yelling and screaming loudly like someone electrified your barbell is not ok because it is very annoying, distracting and disrespectful to fellow GI’s working out. A little conversation is ok, but remember these Camps are a serious training place and we're all there to exercise rather than socialize.

  12. DON’T BLOCK SOMEONE’S VIEW OF THE MIRROR: Mirrors are there for form and safety, so avoid crossing in front of them when a fellow GI is in the middle of an exercise set. Don’t block someone’s view if it can be avoided and do your best to stay out of their line of sight. If you must cross by say “Excuse me” and quickly pass giving them plenty of room.

  13. WARMING UP & STRETCHING: Pick a spot where you won’t be in anyone’s way blocking the flow of traffic. Blocking traffic could create a hazardous condition causing a fellow GI to walk around you and inadvertently bump into another GI who is working out making them lose control and seriously injure themselves or a fellow GI.

  14. BE GOOD TO THE EQUIPMENT & DON’T DESTROY IT: Any exercise you do, if you are destroying the equipment in the process (dropping, slamming, bending and breaking barbells, booty bells/ dumbbells etc.) then you are doing something very wrong. Don’t just drop the free weights, booty bells and dumbbells and let them fly wherever, keep them under your control and keep them in your training area. If you leave dumbbells on the floor between sets, put them out of the way, criss-cross them, up against the wall or bench so that they can’t roll around. The only time it’s acceptable to drop weights is when you are working out in the Sand Pit.

  15. UNLOAD A BARBELL EVENLY: Always make sure you unload weight plates on a barbell evenly from both sides. This will take a little longer as you take off a single plate from one side, then a single plate from another side, but this is absolutely the safest way to unload a barbell. If you take ALL the weight off one side of the barbell and leave the other side full of of weight then you put the bar in a very unbalanced position which can easily flip over and cause a serious injury to yourself or fellow GI’s. Don’t leave any plates on the bar regardless of how light it is for the next GI to remove.

  16. PUT EQUIPMENT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS: Always be respectful and treat others how you want to be treated and treat the equipment like it is yours. Leaving weights scattered all over the  place is dangerous and can easily be tripped over and is a result of passive laziness and becomes another GI’s responsibility, which is not cool. There’s a proper place for everything in the Camp, after you finish an exercise, put the equipment back where it goes. Don’t wait until the end of your workout, you should be cleaning up as you go along. Put the weights back in semblance of order which helps keep the Camps running smoothly.

  17. BE DEDICATED TO YOURSELF & RESPECTFUL TO OTHERS: 14% of the United States population has a membership to a fitness center, sadly 80% of them go unused while 50% of new members QUIT within 6 months. Be the exception by making fitness part of your lifestyle and being dedicated to your health by exercising regularly and by always being respectful to others.