Building Better Glutes



Plenty of fitness trends have captured our collective attention across the years. We’ve seen everything
from equipment like BowFlex and the Ab Roller to Pilates classes and high intensity boot camps. Some
have faded quickly, while others have stood the test of time. The longer lasting concepts are based on
effective fundamentals—one of which is the importance of strengthening your core. In case your
unfamiliar, your core consists of abdominals, obliques, diaphragm, pelvic floor, trunk extensors, and hip

Several years ago, Coach Santi, the founder of GX3 FitCamp, realized that a critical element of this definition was missing. He has built his career as a fitness trainer and developer of specialized fitness equipment. Through first-hand experience and research, he identified that the overlooked element is our glutes. In short, our butt. He has since built camps, provided individual training, and invented specialized equipment—all focused on glutes. I recently had a chance to talk with Coach Santi and learn more about his unique and incredibly effective training approach

Editor: How is your approach to training different than others in the industry?
Coach Santi: I focus intensely on correct form and technique. I’m obsessive about it. A small turn of the foot or slight shift in the hips seems minor. But our muscles are built to move in particular ways. They respond either positively or negatively to those slight adjustments. I take the time to teach each of my
clients the correct technique and why to do it. The other difference is I focus on glute training. Everything from my fitness camps to the equipment I’ve designed—like the Butt Lifter—are built around glutes.


Editor: Why the focus on glutes?
Coach Santi: It’s the key to unlocking both strength and health. The National Institutes of Health has stated, “When toned, glutes are engines that burn calories for fuel and have the greatest potential for weight management, turning our bodies into fat-burning machines. Strong glutes improve your posture,
relieve pressure on the lower back, stabilize hips, play a major role in keeping the knees healthy making our bodies less prone to injury and pain ensuring maximal muscle efficiency.” It’s that type of research that I’ve built my training and equipment upon.


Editor: You’re not just a trainer, you also custom build some of your equipment. Why do you do that?
Coach Santi: I consider myself a fitness entrepreneur, and in a lot of ways it is like being a scientist. The gym is my lab. When I’m training clients, I always see a better way to do things. But then I started to notice I couldn’t find solutions on the market, so I started creating my own products. Having my own gym, running camps, training people individually creates a special space where I can test prototypes and explore ideas in real time with clients across the spectrum of health, age, and experience.


Editor: How did you come up with the idea for the Butt Lifter?
Coach Santi: I wanted to incorporate weighted resistance into a glute kickback exercise to build and
strengthen my clients’ glute muscles. I found typical products on the market. But I couldn’t find anything that allows you to push through the heel of your foot. That small adjustment makes a big difference for activating your glutes. The only product I could find were cuffs that wrap around your ankle and just put too much stress in the wrong places when training the glutes. That gap in the market meant there was a gap in how well people were able to get stronger and healthier. That realization led me to me developing my own accessory, which is now the Butt Lifter.


Editor: How is it better than similar equipment on the market?
Coach Santi: I designed the Butt Lifter with wider and stronger webbing to keep your ankles injury free and pain free. It can be used for a variety of pushing exercises vital for glute activation and can also be used for a range of pulling exercises. I tried out a lot of other products before making my own, and most of them are made poorly and are flimsy. Your body will pick up on those things and make adjustments that are counterproductive. The Butt Lifter is made with military specifications—heavy duty polypropylene webbing, a welded D-ring attachment. and sewn with high quality nylon thread with reinforced stitching for extra durability. It’s built to ensure that the movement you make is the one you intend to make with maximum results and minimal wear and tear.


Editor: If someone doesn’t go the gym often or doesn’t have a trainer, how do they work the Butt-Lifter into their routine?
Coach Santi: We have “How To” videos on our website at The beauty of our product is that you can use it with cable machines at the gym or resistance bands from the comfort of your home. In as little as 20 minutes a few times a week you will notice a difference in shape and strength. Staying consistent is the key to getting the best results possible. Having an accessory like the Butt Lifter means you can maintain your routine, move in the precise movements needed, time and time again. That’s how you get body shape everyone wants and the wellness to go with it.


Editor: What types of clients do you use this with?
Coach Santi: I use the Butt Lifter with a range of clients. Some are professional athletes, others are doing rehabilitation for an injury, others are training for strength. It just depends on what the individual’s needs are. Some clients want to tone or build glutes to look better in and out of clothes, others want to strengthen the glutes for power and speed when playing sports and some use it to activate and fire up the glutes for rehab purposes.


Editor: What are some overlooked exercises for glutes that people should start doing?
Coach Santi: Where do I begin? Step-ups, deep back squats, jump squats, walking and stationary forward and reverse lunges, lunge jumps, deadlifts and hip thrusts are great glute exercises when done properly. You have to always mentally connect with your muscles to make the most of each exercise. The key to getting the best results is to regularly mix up the order of the exercises so your body is constantly being challenged and confused. By using correct form, isolated full and partial range of movements, different angles and heights, hi-intensity and explosiveness you will thoroughly accelerate your glutes transformation. The constant mix of workouts means you will never get bored and the pace of your glutes growth will quicken because your body has no idea what fitness challenges are coming next.


Editor: Can the Butt-Lifter help with those exercises?
Coach Santi: Absolutely. The Butt Lifter is a great tool to activate and fire up your glutes before doing any of the exercises I mentioned. It also helps strengthen and condition your glutes which in return will make you even stronger and last longer when performing other glute related exercises.


Editor: Any final advice for people who are rethinking how they stay fit?
Coach Santi: Great question. Get active today, don’t wait. It will change your life by keeping you healthier and happier. Something as simple as taking a walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a great way to get your mind and body more active. Keep challenging yourself mentally and physically to do better than the last time. And if you are already active, move beyond the focus on your core and beyond traditional stamina or strength building. Focus on your glutes, get the Butt-Lifter, keep your movements precise. Results will come with being consistent, believing in yourself, and loving yourself.