Turf Workouts

480 x 480
Turf workouts are excellent for developing strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, coordination and improving overall balance through a number of exercises such as power sled pushing/ pulling, forward/ reverse lunges, tire flips, distance/ hurdle/ lateral/ squat jumps, plyometric box jumps/ step ups, sprints, hurdle, cone and agility ladder footwork drills etc.
Turf helps develop better balance do to the slightly uneven surface which requires more exertion, strength and endurance, therefore engaging smaller muscles in your feet, ankles, legs, hips, glutes and core that don’t usually get utilized as much when exercising on level surfaces.
Turf drains well, absorbs moisture and keeps the surface dry and helps reduce the risk of slips and falls. It secures foot placement and sustains the weight of explosive exercise movements like accelerating, decelerating, changing directions and pivots.
Turf helps minimize pressure on joints, prevents wear and tear on the knees and ankles and reduces the chances of impact related injuries such as shin splints. It is chemical free, non-abrasive, soft to the touch, safe to workout on and is very easy to maintain and keep clean.
The National Institutes of Health (www.nih.gov) has stated the following:
”When toned, glutes are engines that burn calories for fuel and have the greatest potential for weight management turning our bodies into fat-burning machines. Strong glutes improve your posture, relieve pressure on the lower back, stabilize hips, play a major role in keeping the knees healthy making our bodies less prone to injury and pain ensuring maximal muscle efficiency.”