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What does the GX3 logo symbolize?

  • ​Gluteus Maximus, Medius, and Minimus symbolizes; The 3 major gluteal muscles.

  • White color symbolizes; Wholeness, Stability, Balance and Preservation.

  • Green color symbolizes; Positive Energy, Good Health, Vitality and Balance.

  • Upside Down Heart symbolizes; Healthy Strong Glutes.

  • Silver color symbolizes; Enlightenment, Mental and Physical Harmony.

  • GX3 symbolizes: Glutes, Exercise, 3 major gluteal muscles and the # of FitCamps we offer.

  • Shape of Brazil, on the lower right pays tribute to the country, where optimum glute workouts originated.

  • White and Silver Blood Splatter symbolizes; A Continuous Pump of Blood throughout your Body to Sustain Good Health.

  • Inside the lower left white splatter; the forefront 5 represents the 5 Levels of Leg Weights used in our GX3 FitCamp, and the distant 5 combined with the overlaid 5 represents 55, Brazil's Telephone Country Code which pays respect to the country.

  • Black color symbolizes; Mental and Physical Power, Depth and Self-Discipline.

  • Crescent Moon symbolizes; Luminous Energy, Knowledge and Progress.

  • From a fitness mindset this logo whole’ heartedly symbolizes; Healthy Strong Glutes built through exercise which must consistently and effectively interact with your entire body to achieve Good Health, Strength, Balance, Positive Energy and Happiness.


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*Disclaimer: GX3 FitCamp nor anyone associated with GX3 FitCamp will be responsible or liable for any injuries or health problems sustained using any of our products or workouts while exercising at home, in the gym, outdoors or elsewhere. Please contact a Doctor before starting any exercise program. Results may vary based on the time, effort and commitment that you invest into our fitness programs.

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