TX3 Training-System

TX3 Training-System is efficiently designed to help people of all ages, shapes, fitness levels and experience create the athletic physique they’ve always wanted in 24 workouts!
DI's (Drill Instructors) teach GI's (Ground Infantries, aka Enlisted Soldiers) proper techniques, form and exercises that will help achieve the following goals;
Strengthen and Shape the Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms,
Legs, Glutes, Hips and Core
Boost Metabolism, Burn Lots of Body Fat, Increase Energy and Relieve Stress
Our System uses a fusion of GX3 training tactics; HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), sequential exercises and movements (Supersets/ Circuits) within each of the 24 workouts. Each individual workout starts with a warm-up stretch and is composed of; glute activations, strength, calisthenic, plyometric, core and aerobic exercises, finishing with a rejuvenating mind and body cool-down stretch, targeting the entire body.
The Secret to the Success of a Naturally Athletic Physique is attributed to our custom designed exercise equipment which works synergistically with these (Supersets/ Circuits) continuously challenging and confusing the muscles. By using correct form, isolated full/ partial range of movements, different angles/ heights, hi-intensity and explosiveness synchronized to a variation of time-intervals you will thoroughly accelerate your bodies transformation.
The constant mix of workouts means you will never get bored and the pace of your results will quicken because your body has no idea what fitness challenges are coming next.
TX3 Training-System is extremely effective, there’s no guess work, simply Book a Class with us and your body will change!