Affiliate “GI” Program

Our Affiliate “GI” Program is designed for you to earn cash promoting and selling GX3 FitCamp products to your network of family, friends and social media followers.

Sales are tracked using the built-in tracking and reporting program. Login to your account 24/7 to see your cash sales. There's no cost to participate in this Affiliate “GI” Program and applications are approved within 3 business days.

Step 1: Promote Yourself & Earn 25% Sales Commission Per Sale!

Using an affiliate link in your profile or promotional code in a social media post, you can influence your friends and followers to buy GX3 FitCamp products and earn a 25% sales commission on each new customer order, for the lifetime of that customer.

Step 2: New Customers Save 15%:

Any new customers that order from us will automatically get a 15% savings when they use your promotional code, affiliate link or e-mail address. Of course, they won't know about these savings unless you TELL them in your posts!

Step 3: Track Your Conversions:

We'll automatically track anyone who clicks your affiliate link or uses your promotional code during checkout. Once they've ordered and your conversion is approved, that customer will earn you money every time they purchase from us.

Step 4: Get Paid!

Use your PayPal account and receive your monthly payout quickly and easily.

Please make sure you meet all 4 of the qualifications below before enlisting in the Affiliate “GI” Program.

1. You are 16 or older.

2. You have 2,000 or more Instagram followers and your account is NOT SET to Private,

3. You have a passion for fitness, positive energy, self-confidence and self-respect and always strive towards strengthening yourself mentally and physically.

4. You have an inspirational story you can share about yourself to help motivate others.

Join our UNIT of fellow GI’s, athletes and loyal customers and start earning today!